05-13  Michelle
Does anyone know if there is going to be any races on th...
01-10  Jubilee By The Bay
Jubilee Run,Walk,or Drag with color 5k. Janurary 18th. w...
06-25  Gabe
Any local races or group runs the week of June 30th to J...
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  • Slower runners/Walkers should leave after the initial group of runners begin.
  • Just like driving, keep right and pass on the left. Let the person know that you are passing by saying "on your left" or "about to pass". Be courteous.
  • Look both ways before crossing intersections.
  • Do not run with Ipods or MP3 players.
  • Never assume traffic will stop for you.  Drivers may not see you at all.
  • Do not dart in front of traffic.
  • Wear bright clothing.
  • During nighttime or low-lit daytime, carry a flashlight with you or attach a light to your clothing.
  • Watch where you run. There may be construction or potholes in your way.
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